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How to Care for Your Oak Furniture

- The appeal of oak furniture is that each item is unique in colour, natural marks and grain patterning. Consequently you may notice that there are some differences between items of the same range; any such differences are considered an integral part of the product.

- You should wax your furniture when you first receive it and then twice a year thereafter to ensure it remains well protected. You can use either a furniture wax or a wax based polish. We recommend Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish

- Do not use household cleaning products, solvents, or other cleaners on your furniture – use of these products could result in drying or splitting and will damage the finish of your furniture.

- Regular dusting with a dry soft cloth will suffice most of the time.

- Wood changes colour over time- to ensure that the whole of your table remains the same colour we recommend that you leave the table extended at regular intervals.

- Always lift your furniture, never drag it. Never lift heavy furniture by yourself – always ask for help.

- Make sure your furniture is placed away from a heat source such as a radiator or heating duct.

- We recommend that you do not place your furniture in direct sunlight as this can often lead to a bleaching of the wood.

- Wipe up any spillages immediately with a clean and dry cloth as extended contact may cause veneer to lift.

- Use coasters, placemats and table clothes to protect your furniture from hot food or drink.


How to Care for Your PU Leather Chair

- Use a dry clean microfiber cloth to dust your chair.

- For a better clean, use a cloth dampened by warm water and gentle rub it over the fabric.


How to Care for Your Fabric Chair

- Carefully brush off any dust or lightly vacuum your chair to remove light marks. If the stain is more serious or you are unsure then it is better to contact a professional cleaner.