Gender Pay Gap Report

You may well have read in the media that UK companies have been reporting on their gender pay gap. 


The gender pay gap is the percentage difference between men's and women’s average hourly earnings, across all jobs in an organization (to be clear though it is not a measure of the difference in pay between men and women doing the same job)


The Mean average is the difference between the average hourly pay of a man to a woman in our company


The Median average is the middle pay rate per hour of all men working in the company compared to women


According to the Office of National Statistics, the overall UK mean gender pay gap is 7.7%. Our mean gender pay gap is much lower at 4% and our median gender gap is 0%.



Our company is and always has been committed to equal opportunity in recruitment and employment irrespective of anything including gender. We will continue to recruit almost entirely on the basis of personality and pay our colleagues based on the skills required in a role and our desire to attract and retain the best colleagues for our business.



In our case our pay gap is mainly attributed to the balance between the number of men and women who are employed in more senior positions, as these roles attract a marginally higher remuneration.



Whilst our gender pay gap is significantly below the national average, we expect it to narrow further in the future.


The mean gender pay gap is 4%       




The median gender pay gap is 0%           




The bonus gender pay gap is 0%




The median bonus pay gap is 0%




Proportion of males receiving  a bonus is 0%




Proportion of females receiving a bonus is 0% 


Ultimately we will continue to recruit and promote the best colleagues regardless of gender and pay the maximum we can afford.