Gift Company Manager Specification

Gift Company Manager

The opportunity to join our company as a manager is one of the best steps you could ever make if you share our passions.

We believe in world class service and world class stores.  You will be thinking, but that’s the same I read in every retail job?  Maybe, but we mean it.  We believe that every customer should feel welcome and appreciated, ensuring their return, and by every customer receiving that, coupled with a fantastic looking store we continue to succeed.

As a manager we also give you the opportunity that very few managers’ positions do.  You can control your store, within reason, and not be a corporate clone, and we give you the best possible tools to do so.  Our internal system is fantastic, giving you access to all the sales and stock statistics you could ever want, with a friendly head office and warehouse team to support you too.

So if you want to work in a friendly, customer focused business, and you feel you have the personality to drive sales and be successful, whilst maintaining the friendly atmosphere for your store, then this position could be for you.


Skills Helpful but not essential

*People Management

*Sales Management

*Stock Management

*Customer Service Focus

*Cost Control Management

*Visual Merchandising