Why Choose Gift Company?

Dear Customer,

Since the recent Watchdog investigation of Oak Furniture Land we have seen a significantly increased amount of orders for our furniture – so just a few point to bear in mind: -
1. Oak Furniture Land and other companies have been advertising that customers ask if furniture has veneers in it – suggesting that this is somehow a bad thing. We have been selling furniture for 20 years and the reason our own ranges (in common with retailers including John Lewis, Next, Debenhams and pretty much the entire marketplace) have veneers in them is simple - using veneers gives stability - while solid wood can be prone to warping and splitting, particularly in the UK where central heating systems cause significant change in room temperature during the day. Heat causes the wood to expand and contract and then split - because veneer is made of thin layers of wood glued together, the chances of splitting or cracking are substantially reduced.
So our dining tables for example are in the main solid American oak but we specify that a veneer is used on the top panel which is where tables are prone to splitting.
Retailers who don’t use veneers, invariably send repair men around when furniture splits to “fill the wood” with wood filler or take the items away and fill them off site. Hence the Watchdog investigation!
2. We don’t repair any damages, we don’t have to, as so few of our items split we simply replace at our expense. We don’t charge for redeliveries and we don’t charge if the item won’t go through your front door (unlike our competitors!)

3. On service – For 90% of customers (where my own team deliver with our white glove service) we deliver to a room of your choice, unpack and take away our rubbish for recycling – but don’t take my word for it- a good way of telling how good our service is, is to visit the independent review website Trust Pilot and compare us with our biggest competitors e.g. Furniture Barn.

4. On delivery of your furniture you will receive a letter from me thanking you for your business along with my email address (michael@giftcompany.com) asking if you would mind emailing me to let me know how you feel our service was – I still review these myself – it’s my way to ensure we have looked after you and, God forbid, never end up on Watchdog!

Thank you for showing interest in our range, I still consider us to be a small family company, who will look after you, but as one of my team pointed out to me recently – in the last 20 years we have served over 10 million customers through our stores and website – so a bit larger - but we will still look after you.

Kind Regards

Michael Boote
The Gift Company